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Imagine you hired a piano teacher near you...
Most piano teachers charge anywhere from $30-$75 per lesson. So, if you have one lesson a week, you would spend anywhere from $1,560-$3,900 on piano lessons each year.

My Signature Beginner Piano Course, and all 5 Bonus Courses, will give you lifetime access to a private membership site, over 100 online lessons, and countless resources. This package is valued at $1,924...which means each lesson costs less than $20.

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The price is right...But will i actually learn?
Yes! How do I know this? I taught myself how to play piano, and I'll be teaching you the same way.  

Growing up, my family didn't have any money. I loved playing on my toy keyboard at home, but I couldn't afford to take private lessons or attend fancy music camps. 

In high school, my parents squeezed everything they had financially, taking on debt, just to give me the opportunity to study English in the United States. 

A simple 14 hour flight, totally transformed my life. God and music became the only constants in my life, and I fell in love with piano even more. But I still couldn't afford to take any piano lessons. 

So, I taught myself! I watched every YouTube video, searched Google constantly, did everything I could to find every single free resource available to me...and I learned! I figured out the easiest and most practical ways to learn piano. But not only that! I had fun the entire time.

Most teachers make learning piano feel like really hard work. It shouldn't be! Piano should be fun, relaxing, and enjoyable for everyone - not just the ones listening.

Over the last 20 years, I've been finding and collecting the best resources, and in this course, I'll share all of my tried and tested tips, tricks, and resources with you. Forget about music theory and scales, I'll be teaching you to play step-by-step, and you'll actually be having fun learning! 

I'm so confident you'll learn to play, that I'm offering a 365-day 100% money back guarantee! If you don't think you've made an improvement, just shoot me an email and you'll get a full refund!  
But I don't have any experience...
Don't let that stop you!
If I allowed my lack of money, age, or experience to stop me, I wouldn't play piano today either...and I certainly wouldn't have seen all the amazing things God has done with my music.
By God's grace, my very first album charted on Billboard Music Top 10, reaching millions of people around the world!
Don't let anything hold you back from experiencing this joy and freedom! Otherwise, you may just regret it.
Special Bundle!
Signature Beginner Piano Course &
 5 Bonus Courses
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  • Signature Beginner Piano Course Play Piano Now for Beginners ($599 Value)
  • Bonus Course 1: Creating Emotion With 3 Chords ($249)
  • Bonus Course 2: Be Your Own Teacher  ($249)
  • Bonus Course 3: Sight Reading Basics ($349)
  • ​​Bonus Course 4: Finger Gymnastics ($299)
  • Bonus Course 5: A Piano for Every Budget ($179)
  • ​​Lifetime Access to a Private Membership Portal & FREE Updates (Priceless)
  • ​365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee (Risk free)
Total Value: $1,924
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I have hundreds of students who love my course! Here's what they're saying:
"Oh my gosh I just perfected 3.11 and I can honestly say my dreams are coming true. You heard the back story. I LOVE music and this is helping me re-kindle and ignite the flame of amazing playing like I’ve always dreamt of!! You know how hard it is to find a GOOD CHRISTIAN piano teacher?! Very!!! I would like to support the business even more than just paying for the lessons. Is there a way I can do that?"
- Quanesha W. 
"WOW!!OH WOW!! the experience of playing with an orchestra! THANK YOU YoungMin!🙏🙏"
- Maggie G.
"We are LOVING our experience with this program. I have a daughter who is very musical, but who has some dyslexia type tendencies that make it very hard for her to read music on a staff at this time. Thanks so much for creating an alternative way for her to enjoy making music! She's so thrilled!"
- Jason C.
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I'm so confident that I can help you learn to play piano and find freedom, that I'm offering a 365 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you don't think you improved, send me an email and I'll refund you!
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